Become an Instructor


Live to Ski? Ski to Live! Become an instructor!

Want to make some money during the winter?

Have you ever thought of becoming a Ski/Snowboard Instructor?

How do you do it:

1 – Achieve your Level 1 certification

2 – Find a job at a Ski School

3 – Start ski teaching this winter

Here at the Batawa Ski School, we can help you with all 3!

We will be hosting the following Level 1 courses here at Batawa.

1. Ski Instructor:

We will be offering the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Level 1 course.

Below is a detailed description of what the course is all about.

The Level 1 course is an introduction to ski teaching, CSIA technique and methodology, and the role of ski teaching within the ski industry. It combines the basics of practical ski teaching methods, technical understanding and development of guest service skills, specifically addressing children’s skiing.

The Level 1 Certification Course includes:

– Introduction to CSIA skiing and teaching methodology

– Strategies to develop skiers from entry level to intermediate (parallel) using the skill development method

– Techniques and strategies for effective assessment and development

– Personal feedback on ski performance

– Workshop on customer service

– Workshop on teaching children

Before coming to the Level 1 Course, completion of two online workshops is mandatory. The recommended reading consists of specific pages from the NEW manual that pertain to the Level 1 certification course. The importance of this reading is to introduce the course content which will prepare the candidates and enhance the learning experience. Candidates are responsible for this information as part of the course curriculum.

Upon successful completion of a Level 1 CSIA course, you become a member of the CSIA and are billed annually for membership dues by the National Office. Membership benefits are available to you provided your membership dues are fully paid.

For course dates, information and registration, please go to:

2. Snowboard Instructor:

We will be offering the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) Level 1 course.

Below is a detailed description of what the course is all about.

The CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor certification course is open to strong intermediate snowboarders, aged 15 years and older. Candidates on the Level 1 Course will spend time exploring snowboarding technique and teaching methods across a variety of venues, both on-snow (up to and including intermediate terrain) and during indoor presentations.

The CASI Level 1 course is an introductory course, designed to give successful candidates the skills necessary to begin their role as a new instructor in the industry. Beginner teaching methods, understanding of basic snowboard technique, as well as lesson planning and effective communication skills will be addressed.

Candidates will receive coaching on their snowboarding, as well as feedback on their teaching skills, with the goal of reaching the Level 1 standard in both of these areas. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach beginner snowboarders up to the Novice Turn level.

For course dates, information and registration, please go to:


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