Become an Instructor!

Become a  Ski/Snowboard Instructor at Batawa!


  • A free Season’s Pass
  • Use of a cool uniform jacket for the Season
  • Discounts in the cafeteria
  • Discounts on Rental equipment and Retail items
  • We will pay for ½ of your instructor course fee
  • Regular skills improvement sessions to help you improve

There are 3 different options at Batawa:

Certified Instructor

  • Certified through either the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, (CSIA), or Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, (CASI)
  • Certification is done by the above organizations and the details are available from their websites. or They offer courses at locations all over the province.
  • Certified instructors can take students of all ages and abilities and teach them on all trails of the hill.
  • Certified instructors are paid a wage commensurate with their certification level.

Trained Instructor

  • Batawa will provide training to become a “trained” instructor.
  • Trained instructors may provide Beginner lessons on Beginner terrain.
  • Trained instructors are given on-going coaching to prepare them to become certified.
  • Trained instructors will receive minimum wage.

Assistant Instructor

  • Assistants must be 14 years old minimum
  • Assistants will work alongside an Instructor to provide additional care for younger ski groups
  • Assistants are given on-going training in order to prepare them to move on to become an instructor in the future
  • Assistants will receive minimum wage
  • Assistants may also volunteer and receive credit for work hours.

If you have questions, or you would like to apply, please send an email to Brian with the following form completed:

New Staff Application 2017